20 years of practicing Yoga, meditating and journey in finding life answers,

Yogini Syfon started creating jewelry inspired by eastern philosophy and to be a reminder to always be mindful of thoughts and action.


Each piece is unique and special because it is handmade. It is heartcrafted by our skilled Thai Artisans

using sterling silver with gold platingand variety of precious and semi-precious stones.


Each Touch of Yoga creation is covered in motifs and carved symbols which has meaningful purposes 

to serve as a guidance in achieving inner joy and balance in Life.


“Yoga and meditating helps me in finding inner peace. Practicing Yoga brought a big change in my life and this inspired me

to become a professional Yoga Instructor. From my Spiritual Exploration Journey, I started making beautiful Yoga Jewellery pieces

to  remind myself and everyone who will wear it to always be positive, calm, seek inner peace and balance in Life.”